Cannabis Sativa Flower and Hemp Seed Oil

Cannabis Sativa Flower

This oil is made from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the cannabis sativa (hemp plant) that normally contains some 114 cannabinoids.

The oil is an excellent skin hydrator and moisturiser and a powerful antioxidant that can reduce skin lines and wrinkles.

Our product range uses both hemp seed and hemp flower oil infused with calendula flowers producing an omnipotent skin nourishing product. The combination of the oils that we use potentiates (increases) overall effectiveness.

There is confusion over the term hemp oil, it is not hemp seed oil perse, in Australia it is referred to as “cannabis sativa low THC” (less than 0.03%) and is only to be used internally under medical guidance. The licensed extraction (in Australia), is predominantly cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is being used widely around the world for cosmetic skin care.

Hemp Seed Oil


This is derived from the cannabis sativa plant hemp seeds only and contains no typical cannabinoids.

This oil is used in large quantities for cosmetics, nutritional supplementation and skin.

It contains a high source of omega fatty acids being high in omega 3 and 6 in a near perfect 1:3 ratio and delivers vitamins A and E, trace minerals and abundant antioxidants. It also contains amino acids for protein building (strengthen nails and heals cuticles) topically.

These magnificent oils infused with our calendula flowers offer a super potent skin formula that can be used liberally. There are no known side effects, the oils do not clog skin pores and can be used universally with other oils.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-infection

Anti-inflammatory properties due to gamma, linoleic acid which sooths inflamed and red skin and scalp,
reduces itching, swelling, scarring and sooths reddish skin.

Strengthens skin to better resist infection.


Hemp seed flower oil is anti-ageing especially when combined with hemp seed oil (vitamin C, E, A and essential fatty acids 3 and 6).

Protects skin from oxidation and ageing and it is hydrating as it possesses humectant qualities drawing moisture to the skin.

Skin Issues

Useful acne treatment due to its anti-acneic properties that balance sebum and regulates skin oil production.

Helpful for the treatment of eczema dermatitis, psoriasis, lichen planus, acne rosacea and helps restore chafed and cracked skin.

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