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Grown at Mount Warning


Byron Bay Exotics continues an alchemic tradition of carefully extracting the therapeutic qualities from the calendula flower to produce nourishing moisturising oils and medicinal balms for skin and body care.

Created from organic botanicals, our base gold+ calendula oil is grown and processed by hand at Mount Warning in the Tweed Valley Rainbow region of Northern NSW, Australia, bordering on the World Heritage listed ‘Wollumbin National Park’.

Mount Warning is a majestic twenty-million-year-old volcanic spire in a caldera, surrounded by a ring of mountain ranges and is a sacred site to the Aboriginal Bundjalung people. Named Mount Warning by Captain Cook in 1770 after he encountered treacherous reefs along the far north coast of NSW, it is traditionally known as Wollumbin, meaning “cloud catcher” to the local Bundjalung people. It has a powerful brooding presence that dominates this region and this vibrational energy embodies our product.



Calendula flower oil has been popular throughout history and was used extensively by the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Mayans and has traditionally been used throughout Europe and parts of Asia for thousands of years for its internal and external health benefits.


Calendula Gold


We pay our respect to and acknowledge the traditional Bundjalung land custodians for permission to grow our plants on the land.

The rich red volcanic soil, sub-tropical climate, and plentiful rainfall enrich the quality of the flowers and herbs we grow. The resulting ‘Calendula Gold’™ flower oil is combined with a range of other carefully chosen organic ingredients to produce our organic skincare products.

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